As you may already know DigiAssets has arrived on mobile, specifically the DigiByte Android App and will also arrive on iOS in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the arrival of DigiAssets and to get the community involved in accepting and issuing them our very own Josiah Spackman (@dgb_chilling) live streamed the issuance of DigiAssets to his YouTube subscribers, for many this was their first DigiAsset!

DigiAssets on mobile marks a huge step forward for the blockchain and will open up DigiByte to a whole new world of opportunities. 

People are already sharing and creating their own assets, some people are using them to raise money, some to raise awareness of rare cancers and diseases and some people are using them to promote their brands. 

The possibilities and capabilities of DigiAssets are only just beginning to be explored, what could you do with DigiAssets?