More great things are happening on the DigiByte blockchain, The European Cryptocurrency Exchange, EUCX, have recently published a Medium article outlining their plans to migrate their ERC-20 EUCX token from the “aging” Ethereum blockchain over to the faster, more scalable DigiByte blockchain using our DigiAssets protocol layer.


As things go, this is another huge step forward for the chain and it highlights DigiBytes ability to easily and securely scale on-chain.


DigiByte will eventually scale to 280 thousand transactions per second.


Ethereum was initially designed to be implemented on the Bitcoin blockchain, however due to Bitcoin’s low transaction speed, this wasn’t feasible.


DigiByte could easily handle all the demand that the Ethereum blockchain currently handles, with our high speed transactions and 15 second block times Ethereum could run entirely on the DigiByte blockchain with plenty of room to spare to scale for future increases in demand.


We look forward to more companies joining us and converting their ERC-20 tokens into DigiAssets!